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TP 110 Precision Color Measurement for Kenya


The color is a major indicator of the quality of various products and has a significant effect on the decision of the customers to buy a product. The manufacturers understand this fact and try to incorporate the best quality of colors in their products. For this, they need an efficient color measuring device. The TP 110 Precision Color Measurement for Kenya is one of the best color measuring devices offered by Presto that offers accurate color quality measurement and help manufacturers in ensuring the best color quality of their products.  The instrument offers a reliable way to control the color quality of the products.

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Presto is a leading exporter and supplier of TP 110 Precision Color Measurement for Kenya offered by Testronix that is designed to offer the most accurate measurement of colors of different materials and products. The machine is given with dual illumination and vowing geometry that enhances the efficiency of the machine. A high capacity memory is incorporated in the device to store sample sand standards. The ergonomic design of the apparatus helps in the easy and simple operation of the instrument. There is a detailed user guide provided with the machine for easy operating.

    • The appliance is given with an illuminating and viewing geometry of 8/d.
    • The measuring aperture has a diameter of 4 mm.
    • The sensor that is provided with the device is made from a good quality silicone material and is a photoelectric diode.
    • The device is also compiled with dual locating features that are cross and illuminating locating.
    • Two distinct end faces are given with the apparatus which are larger or stable end face and the smaller concave-convex end face.
    • The instrument is capable of calculating the color space which can be given as CIEL*a*b*C*h* CIEL*a*b*CIEXYZ.
    • The color difference calculation formula used during testing is given by △E*ab △L*a*b* △E*C*h*.
    • The light source which is used for illumination is D 65.
    • The permitted error between two different devices has to be equal to or less than 0.80 ΔE*ab.
    • The device has a memory with a storage capacity of 20000 sample as well as 100 standards.
    • The apparatus can work in two different languages that are Chinese and English.
    • The overall dimensions of the equipment are given by 205 mm × 67 mm × 80 mm.
    • The life of the lamp 5 years.
    • The device also comes with a mini thermal printer as an optional accessory and is available on client’s request.

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