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Colour Measurement Accessories

Along with high quality and highly reliable range of color measurement instruments, there is also an extensive range of accessories that are offered by Testronix. These accessories are best for enhancement of the functionality, precision and accuracy of the color measurement instruments. The accessories offered by Testronix include Powder Test Box, Universal Test Components, Instrument Cover with Built-in White Calibration Plate, Quality Control Computer Software, Φ8 mm Extended Measuring Aperture for TP310 color measurement instrument.

With the use of these accessories, you can surely enhance the color quality control management in your industry. Use of these accessories is very much essential for industries where stability, accuracy and high rate of repeatability is required. The accessories offered by Testronix are manufactured using state of art manufacturing facilities and most innovating technologies that ensures high stability and accuracy of test results when used in industries. Additionally, these products are available at very competitive prices from the market, which makes them affordable for most of the customers.

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Powder Test Box Universal Test Components Built-in white calibration Computer Software for Testronix Color Measurement Instruments Φ8mm Extended Measuring Aperture
It is very simple and easy to use and focus mainly on measuring powder.The dimension of the test box is Φ50X25mm The dimension of the universal test component Length x width x height=190x190x85 mm.It is a very powerful accessory with high sensitivity. The accessory is is used to measure paste, liquid and powder. ApplicationWhen a user is not using Testronix TP300 and TP310 color measurement device, the cover on the instrument can be used to protect it from the dust. In the meantime, as the instrument has built-in white calibration plate, Testronix color measurement instruments comprises of complete white calibration which start up automatically.Product DescriptionThe Built-in white calibration is designed with simple and fast white calibration technology, which start up automatically which helps to get away from the conventional difficult manual white and black calibration. Testronix provides a software package which is a combination of computer science, high-tech software and modern Photonics. It offers modern color management solutions, enterprise standardization techniques and data standardization. The software is used to connect to the color measurement devices with a USB cable.The amazing and very useful accessory not only maintains the existing functionality of color measurement device, but also enhances its functionality. The software is also used for analyzing various colors, database management color samples, cumulative color analysis, simulation of object color and print, color index analysis, etc. This is the main accessory used for color quality management. Absolute measuring space is used not only to measure the big surface, but also used to perform color measurement and analysis on circular surface, small surface and concave surface.

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