Why testing of labels is important in packaging industry?

Why testing of labels is important in packaging industry?

labels is important in packaging

Would you ever buy something that has a faded-out label? I would not, never. This gives a clear picture of the quality management of the product. If the producer is not worried about the appearance of the product, the quality of the content inside is bit skeptical. The quality management process starts right from choosing the raw material and keep on going until the product reaches to the customer. This is why packaging plays a very important role. From keeping the inside content safe to delivering the right information through labels, everything is to be considered for QC. Irrespective of the industry or the end consumer, it is very important to provide information about the product to the customer and labels do that job.

When a product actually lands into the market, it gets exposed to different conditions like environmental conditions, mishandling, rubbing, friction, light etc. All these factors impact the labels and prints strongly. A hoarding tends to lose its color and print after some time due to continuous exposure to light, rain and humidity. Similarly, when bottles are packed in a carton for transportation, they rub against each other. If not taken care, the printing may lose its color and information will be fade out.


How to test the durability of the labels?

Scuff resistance tester is the instruments that you need to check the printability of the labels. In this test, two labels are rub against each other for defined number of rotations. Once the test is over, a visual inspection is done to see the after effects.

In this machine, the material to be tested is fixed on the rotating fixture with printed side downwards. Another sample is placed on the fixture at the bottom with printed side up. This fixture is stationary. The operator set the number of rotations through a preset counter. The effect of scuffing is checked by visual inspection.

Also, you can use color measuring devices to check the transference of colors when labels rub against each other. For this test, you can either use colorimeter or spectrophotometer for this. You can estimate, to what extent color is faded and how color is changing due to exposure of harsh real-time conditions. We offer a wide range of color testing instruments to make the testing of labels convenient for the operators.


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