Why Choosing a Right Heat Sealer Important?

Why Choosing a Right Heat Sealer Important?

Packing is an integral part of every industry. Before dispatching the product for sale, every product is packed aptly to avoid any damage during transit and storage. Even for large goods, packing is done to the maximum extent. Flexible packing is popularly used for packing of small goods in different industries. Wafers, flour, candies, microphones, candles, paper clips, etc. are some common examples where flexible packing is used. This is the form of primary packaging and remains in direct contact with the product. Thus, the properties of packing should not react with the content packed inside. To make a safe and secure flexible packing, it becomes mandatory to perform certain tests, so that it does not fail when subjected to real working conditions. A heat sealer is also an important component of this industry. Before selecting a sealer, there are different conditions to be assessed;

  • Dwell time
  • Drying time
  • Sealing temperature
  • Sealing pressure

The properties of sealer play an important role in making a product success or failure. A flex pack encounter different types of conditions like environment, transit and storage during its lifecycle. And, it should be strong enough to bear that all. Like in a humid environment, there are chances that adhesive bond formed by sealer fails. Thus, it requires high pressure sealing in such conditions.

During transit, the products are often mishandled. Apart from handling, there are terrains that contribute a lot in creating stress for the packing. The seal of the packing should be able to bear all these stressful working conditions. In this condition, secondary packing also plays an important role in the successful delivery of the product.

Then comes storage, where packings are actually under the test. Many times, consignments fail in the warehouse, because of stacking load, unwanted environmental conditions or manhandling. Thus, it is always advised to print the handling instruction on the secondary packings to avoid any breakage. If the stacking load is more than advised, there are chances that seals may fail.

When getting a heat sealer for your packaging industry, it is always better to study the specifications of machines before making any decision. In automated packaging lines, drying time and dwell time are very important so that seal doesn’t break when the bonding is still not dried.