What is a COF Tester and Why You Should Use It?

What is a COF Tester and Why You Should Use It?

If you are looking for the best testing equipment to test the co-efficient of starting and sliding friction of plastic sheets, paper, films etc. then you are in right place. The cof tester from Presto Testing Instruments is one of the amazing testing devices that will help you to measure the static friction of the specimen when it gets slides over the substance. With the help of this testing instrument, you will be able to determine the stackability of plastic sheets and films.

Here in this blog, we are going to provide you with information about the co-efficient of friction testing machines and why you should make use of it. So, let us get started with the information.

Introduction about cof tester

The coefficient of static friction test will be conducted to test the sliding friction of a substance in a certain testing situation. To ease this test, you can easily make use of a cof tester that will help to determine the force of friction.

When the product gets shipped then there will be a chance of having accidents due to loading or transporting materials. Therefore, to avoid any damage to the product, you can easily test its friction coefficient. Presto Testing Instruments is a leading supplier and manufacturer of testing machines that will be used in quality control.

It contains slippage properties that will be helpful in keeping the specimen firmly while testing. This instrument from Presto is very easy to use and provide you with a large number of features. We have created a list of those features below.

With a microprocessor-based display, you will be able to achieve accurate testing results.
Its memory can hold up to 9 readings easily.
There will be no slippage of the product in case the specimen is tightened uniformly.
With its feather touch controls, you will be able to operate this instrument easily.

These are some features of using cof tester and it is available in the computerized model as well. Now, let us focus on its importance.

Why you should use the coefficient of friction testing instrument?

When there will be excessive friction of film will be seen then the problems like jamming, or dragging will start occurring. It will cause damage to goods and slows down production. Therefore, you must evaluate the value of the force of friction with the help of this testing instrument.

With the use of this testing instrument, you can reduce the damage on goods that will slow the production. Thus, this testing equipment will serve to be useful in testing the friction that occurs in the two surfaces.


Here in this blog, we have mentioned brief information about cof tester and how it will be important in testing the force of friction. You can easily purchase this testing equipment from Presto Testing Instruments at affordable prices. You can call us directly or take a consultation from us. Go grab the best deal on it now!