Walkthrough the Role of Peel Strength Tester in Securing Quality of Adhesives

Walkthrough the Role of Peel Strength Tester in Securing Quality of Adhesives

Peel Strength Tester

Packaging plays a pivotal role in every industry. Every manufacturer must ensure that good quality packaging material has been used to pack the products so that products do not get damaged during transportation or in transit. In the packaging industry, adhesives should be of high quality so that the products are tightly sealed.

In order to check the peel strength of the adhesives, a Peel strength tester has been introduced. Presto being a leading peel tester manufacturer promises to deliver the best quality products. Manufacturers can conduct the peel strength test with the help of this lab equipment. The peel or bond strength of the Plastic films, laminates and foils can be evaluated with its help.

A Brief about Peel Strength Tester

Peel strength tester is basically used to check the peel strength of adhesives. Adhesives are used in the packaging industry to seal the packets. To gain customer loyalty, quality products should be delivered to them. To achieve so, high-quality adhesives must be used for sealing the packets so that the packaging does not break during the delivery of the products. When packaging is of good quality, it will not break and products that will be delivered to the customers would be in good condition.

The Peel bond tester checks the quality of these adhesives and ensures that the right quality products are received by the customers. The ability of the adhesives to resist peeling is checked by conducting a peel strength test. Presto manufactures the best quality peel strength tester to check the ability of the materials against peels. One can buy peel tester from Presto at affordable prices.

Ways to run Presto Peel Strength Tester

While conducting a peel strength test, firstly you need to prepare your specimen, then the machine needs to be started after preparing the specimen.

  • Plug the machine into 5 Amp and 220 volts AC for its functioning. Now, turn on the machine.

  • Now, put the upper side of the specimen between the upper fixed grips and the grip should be tightened strongly. Now, there is a need to take the lower grip upwards so that the specimen can reach the grip.

  • Now, put the lower end of the specimen in the lower grips and make sure to tighten it firmly. The specimen should be placed in the centre of the grips.

  • After placing the specimen precisely, a test can be conducted with the help of the peel bond tester.

Advantages of having high peel strength of the adhesives.

To check the durability of the adhesives and whether they can withstand the pulls or impacts, Presto has come up with a Peel strength tester to make sure that the right quality products are used by the customers and do not get damaged during the delivery process.

With the help of this information, appropriate adhesives can be selected for a product. The adhesives of high quality possess several benefits:

  • Product performance is enhanced when the right quality adhesives are stuck to the substrate and it results in minimizing the movement throughout the process which increases the product performance as well.

  • When there is more need to change the adhesives due to breakage, it increases the overall costs. Thus, it is beneficial to replace low-quality adhesives with good-quality ones to reduce the costs associated with this process.

  • There would be less product damage as well by using strong adhesives and the peel strength tester can assess the quality of such adhesives.

Gaining more customers by using strong adhesives.

By using strong adhesives, manufacturers make sure that products in the right state are delivered to the customers. The adhesives that cannot be peeled off easily possess the quality of strong adhesives. When good quality products are received by the customers, they become the loyal customers. 

Repeated purchases are made by them as well. When the customers are loyal, it saves time by giving frequent demonstrations and increases productivity as well. Presto is an established peel tester manufacturer along with a number of lab testing equipment. It makes sure that the materials are checked with high accuracy and precise results are received to avoid any kind of discrepancy. By using a Presto peel strength tester, manufacturers can get perfect results and deliver the best quality products to the customers. It increases customer loyalty and helps in gaining more customer base which results in enhancing the revenues of the manufacturers as well.

Why Presto?

Presto is a leading provider of lab testing equipment that meets the needs of various industries. We believe in providing the best quality instruments to gain customer loyalty and make sure that customer is satisfied in all the best possible ways. We follow the customer-centric approach to make sure that customer makes repeated purchases from us.

Some of the pros of working with us are:

  • All the lab testing equipment comes with global certification.

  • The products will be delivered on time.

  • You can buy peel testers at accessible rates from Presto.

  • There is transparency in the business to avoid any clashes or customer loss.

  • Post-sales service is one of the best services that is provided by us.


Evaluating the peel strength of the adhesives can be done with the help of a peel strength tester. An adhesive that can be peeled off easily is of low quality and its sturdiness can be checked with the help of a peel strength tester. To deliver the best quality products to the customers, it is essential to assess the strength of the adhesives against pull or impact.

This brief of the peel strength tester will help to minimize the product damage. More information can also be gained about peel strength testers to avoid any risk of product damage. You can buy peel tester from Presto at affordable rates. For the free testing session, you can call us at +919210903903. An e-mail can also be dropped at info@prestogroup.com to gain more information about the product. The team of our technical experts will assist you in all the best possible ways.