Understand Flow Of Polymers And Interpret Viscosity

Understand Flow Of Polymers And Interpret Viscosity

Flow Of Polymers And Interpret Viscosity

Overview on Viscosity

Viscosity is a key parameter when any flow measurements of fluids such as semi-solids, liquids, gasses are made. Viscosity measurement is made in conjunction with product efficiency and quality. If anyone involved ascertaining the flow properties, for quality control and research and development at one time and involving some type of measurement of viscosity.

Why is it essential to Measure Viscosity of Polymers?

The information on the behavior of the material’s viscosity provides the relevant manufacturer information regarding the dimension of the product. Knowledge of the material’s rheological characteristics is a valuable in predicting pouring ability, performance in a coating or dipping operation, or the ease with which it can be processed, handled or used. The relation between rheological property and product dimensions often helps to make the measurement of viscosity the most sensitive or convenient way to detect the change in density, color, solid contents, stability, and molecular weight of the polymers. Presto Stantest deals in designing and manufacturing various testing machines to measure the properties of different polymers.

Viscosity – Best to Determine Rheological Behavior

The Rheological relationship of the polymers helps the manufacturers to understand deeply the flow of the material on which the manufacturer is working so that the behavior of the material at the time of molding can be analyzed efficiently and easily.

There are testing techniques that measure the viscosity of the polymers. As per the high-quality production requirement, the material needs to be suitable enough as per the requirement of production and circumstances. The selection of the right testing device from the scores of the instrument is available to meet the demand for any application is a difficult proposition.

Testing Device for Viscosity Measurement

Today the measurement instruments are available in many forms i.e. simple to complex from that efficiently count the seconds of the melted plastic to flow out with a very sophisticated automatic reading and controlling device. This places the testing machine in a position and operated in a highly standardized form to calculate the properties, melt flow rate, or melt volume rate of the plastics.

Many manufacturers now consider viscosity measurement instruments such as Melt Flow Index Tester as a vital part of their development, research, and process control program. They know that viscosity measurements are often the quickest, most accurate & most reliable way to analyze the critical elements that affect the performance of the product. Apart from measuring so many properties, the viscosity determination helps to understand the physical, chemical and rheological properties of the polymers when they are treated and pressed under a certain level of temperature. These properties contribute to determining the molding strength of the polymers when a particular shape is provided to it via melting.

Presto Stantest, being a renowned and foremost manufacturer of testing machine offers high-quality of testing machine to measure the properties of Polymers such as Melt Flow Index Tester. The instrument is designed as per the standard – IS 2530-1963 (R2003)IS 10810-1984, ASTM D1238-13. This ensures that the device offers highly precise test results.