Theory Of Measuring Transparency Of Preforms

Theory Of Measuring Transparency Of Preforms

Measuring Transparency Of Preforms

Transparency of Preforms

The clarity and transparency of PET bottles are a major indicator of the quality of PET bottles. For crystal clear bottles, it is essential that the PET preforms used for blowing bottles are also perfectly transparent. Transparency test for Preforms is an extremely advanced testing procedure which is performed especially to study the transparency level of the preforms used for blowing of PET bottles. The Transparency tester offered by Presto is one of the best and most convenient ways of analyzing the degree of transparency of the PET Preform.

Purpose of Transparency Tester

The Presto’s Transparency Tester is designed ideally for determination of the level of transparency of a PET preform and ensure that it is perfect for blowing a crystal clear PET bottle. The instrument is widely used in PET bottle manufacturing industries.

The equipment is provided with a highly accurate Light source and detector arrangement that is highly efficient in providing exact analysis of the level of transparency of the Preforms. The machine is manually operated, and the readings are represented on the digital readout. The instrument is assembled with an LED digital readout of four digit seven segment configuration.  With the help this machine, the manufacturers of PET bottles can easily ensure the best level of clarity of the bottles manufactured by them.

How the Transparency of the Preforms can be calculated using Transparency Tester?

  1. Set Zero

Insert the master plates and note the reading on the digital display. If the reading displayed is 00.0, take out the sample fixture plate and move to the next step. If the reading is not zero, set it as 00.0 through the set zero knob provided on the panel.

       2. Set 100

  • Insert the master plates and now note the reading on the digital display. It will show 100.0 value on display. If the display does not show as 100.0, set it at 100.0 through the set 100 knob.
  • Now your device is completely calibrated as per the master sample.
  • Now insert the sample to be tested into the sample holder and check the transparency of the sample on the digital display.

Technical Specification of Presto’s Transparency Tester

  • Range –           0 to 100%
  • Least Count –           1 %
  • Outer body construction –           Aluminum, powder coated.
  • Power Supply –           220 V, 60 Hz
  • Light Source –           Halogen Lamp
  • Detector –           Light Sensor
  • Accuracy –           ±2%

Best Ever Solution by Presto Stantest

Presto Stantest offers high-quality of transparency test that easily measures the Transparency of the Preforms by simply inserting the sample into the device. The instrument is designed as per standards that ensure highly accurate test results.