Test The Level Of Transmittance Of Rigid Plastics

Test The Level Of Transmittance Of Rigid Plastics

Test The Level Of Transmittance Of Rigid Plastics

Light transmission property of the plastic films and rigid plastic is quite difficult to measure without following standard operating procedure or proper testing instrument. As per the current terminology, the materials comprises of the term transparency, clarity, diffuse transmittance, total transmittance, resolution distance, haze, opacity, turbidity, hiding power, translucency and many more. In addition to this, many types of measurements are done using the transmittance level testing instrument. The light which is transmitted is partially scattered in the forward direction outside the specific range of angle with respect to normal incident ray. Other methods that determine the quantity of resolution in an image which is formed with a particular object with the sheet or film that are placed between the object and image. The measurement of transmittance describes the optical properties of the material in accordance with the transmittance light of the material.

Measurement of Transmittance Level of a Material

Opacity is that property of a material that does not allow light to pass through a material. This is calculated by measuring actual percentage of light which is absorbed by a sheet of paper. With a single transmittance of light through your material, the system measures the level of transmittance from 0 units to 100 units and helps to calculate the percentage of opaqueness and transparency of the material. As per the standards, the level of opacity is calculated as per the percentage of transmittance level which passes through the samples and deviates the incident ray by accelerating the scattering light more than the average level. This transmission price bears little relation to the visibility of objects that are placed at a certain distance are usually seen through the samples.

Relation Between Transmittance and Opacity

The opacity of the material can be calculated by subtracting the value of transmittance from 100 percent. For example, if the level transmittance of the material is 30%, then the opacity of rigid plastic will be,

Opacity = 100% – 30%

              = 70%

One Stop Solution for Opaqueness Measurement

Presto Stantest, being a well-known manufacturer and supplier of testing instruments, offers high-quality of Opacity Tester. The device is used to level of opaqueness of the rigid plastics. This test helps to measure the quality of the rigid plastics and thermoplastic films by ascertaining the quality of the products. It is a digital device which is assembled with digital controls and offers accurate test results.