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Tensile Testing of Plastic Pipe Material for Top Quality Assurance

Plastic pipes are used in a wide range of industries and are considered to be the network for the flow of energy. Industries such as oil refineries, or water supply etc., which are some of the most vital systems of our lives rely on the best quality plastic pipes. Pipe Manufacturers often face challenges in making their product resistance to almost all type of conditions which they may face in their use and deliver the top level of quality assurance. Sometimes when used in industries which may exert constant changes of temperature and heat the stretchability of the pipes may change. This can lead to thinner wall thickness at some points and with time may also generate leaks. The tensile strength of such plastic material must be fixed and checked if under elevating tension forces they can survive for long or not.

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It is very difficult sometimes to assure that the pipes which are produced will deliver x amount of tensile strength under x amount of pressure. What happens if you are wrong? Not only you lose the reputation of your brand but also this can lead to some dangerous outcomes while the low-quality pipes are in use. Hence, verifying your input quality using standardized machines is a relief and a great help. Presto Stantest Pvt. Ltd., one of the renowned brand in testing instruments deliver Tensile strength tester for evaluating the quality and tensile strength of plastic material.

The machine is a digital model and is based on a highly developed microprocessor program. The sensing of applied force and conversion of the force into a digital value is done with high precision. The machine has specially designed clamps for holding specimen tightly and ensure that it must not move an inch. A slight disturbance in the testing specimen on running test process can generate errors in the test values. By default, the customer can have the vice type grips with the tester.

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On request, they can also choose from other 5 different grip options. It is single column equipment with robust design and stability. Safety limit switches are a part of the parcel, they can restrict the travel length in case the user requires to define the travel length as per industry criteria. The machine strictly follows global test standards related to tensile test such as ASTM D412, ASTM D429-73, ASTM D624, ATM D638-01, ASTM D76, IS 13360-5-7, IS 3400(Part1-1987).

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