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Secure Products By Drop Testing And Selecting Accurate Testing Machine

An organisation is always concerned about its materials which get damaged during transport packaging. It is important to develop effective packaging, methods and logistics system etc., to enhance the safety of transportation and packaging products. Packaging reduces the loss of products at the time of transportation and handling.

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Importers who are concerned about their products or packaging quality must perform carton drop test.  The test is good to be conducted for orders with products to be shipped in standard- sized, corrugated master cartons. It is one of the easiest packaging tests conducted and needs minimum instruments and no formal training and time is required for it. It is usually performed by dropping the carton at least 10 times from a preferred height.

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The drop test are commonly performed in the factory by quality control inspection team. The test motive is to determine how the packaging products inside respond after hitting the ground. The testing drop heights depends on the total weight of the product. The test is conducted first on corner i.e. the weakest one is expected to cause damage. Second one on each edge i.e. with the shortest edge first and third one on each face i.e. the smallest face gets damaged first. The packaged carton is dropped from a certain height and different angle and is twisted to drop it from every side.

Lab drop Tester is equipped with wired remote with no human interaction in it. Testing instrument is the leading manufacturer and supplier of paper and packaging materials. It has a provision with angular drop arrangement to accurately assure the transport goodness of the package from every angle. The test method ensures that while the outer carton always deforms, the products may still remain intact. At the time of transit, the cartons are subjected to vibration, shock, humidity and pressure. The carton must protect the contents that are kept in it as damage due to transport may occur.

Drop Tester gives a consistent result in having a standardised design. The test platform can be uplifted according to the requirement of the customer. A unique feature is it has drop height adjustable clamps. Drop tester works in several industries to test the potentiality pf plastic bottles and corrugated boxes. Customisation as per the requirement of the customer can be made with various specifications. Great accuracy and useful in increasing the tolerance level of packages. The best device to check the strength of boxes and bottles to secure the products inside.

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