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MFI Tester – Best Formula To Evaluate The Viscosity Of Polymers

Overview of the Measurement of Melt Flow Index

In Polymer Industry, many properties of plastics are there that must be determined to evaluate the quality of the products. These properties include physical, chemical and mechanical properties. These properties leave great impact on the quality of the plastics and also influence the quality, durability, and strength of the end products. The major factor of the plastics is its viscosity. The best formula to measure the viscosity of the plastics is the Melt Flow Index. Melt Flow Index clearly determines the rate of flow of plastics when they are melted at certain temperatures for a certain period of time. This melt flow index formula directly helps to measure the molecular structure of the materials. The higher MFI means simple molecular structure whereas the lower MFI means the complex molecular structure. The measurement of melt flow index of plastics can be done efficiently with the help of high-quality of testing machine known as Melt Flow Index Tester.

Solution for Melt Flow Index Calculation by Presto

Presto Stantest manufactures and supplies best quality of Melt Flow Index Tester for Zambia that determines the viscosity of the polymers and plastics accurately. The instrument is designed in compliance with various national and international standard test methods like IS 25330, ASTM D1238, IS 2267 and many more.  It is the best instrument that helps to judge the durability and quality of the polymers. To read more about the product visit:

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