Flow Property Of Plastic Resins-Melt Flow Index Tester

Check The Flow Property Of Plastic Resins With Melt Flow Index Tester For Sri Lanka

Plastic are the best materials that are used to produce domestic goods, appliances, toys, industrial materials, office products and many more. It is also used in all manufacturing units to fulfill the need of packaging that ensures the safety of the product in every possible manner.  With the wide usage of plastics in different production units, it is necessary to produce only best quality of plastics to offers high-quality products to the customers. The Plastics are highly versatile in nature. Due to the highly versatile nature of the plastics, it is widely used in significant applications. The quality of the plastics can be determined efficiently with the help of High-quality of Melt Flow Index Tester.  The higher the MFR of the plastics, lower will be its viscosity and lower the MFR of the plastics, higher will be its viscosity.

Presto’s Melt Flow Index Tester to Test the Viscosity of Plastics

Presto Stantest, a leading and renowned entity, manufactures and supplies high-quality of Melt Flow Index tester for Sri Lanka. The instrument is widely used in the research centers and testing laboratories of plastic industries to test the quality of the plastic resins and granules to produce high-quality of plastic products. The high Melt Flow Index Rate of granules indicates simplest molecular structure and vice versa. The instrument is used in PET & Preform manufacturing industries to test the quality of the plastic to produce high-quality of preforms and PET bottles.

Various Models of Presto’s MFI

Presto Stantest manufactures two models of MFI namely, MFI Deluxe Model and MFI NXG Model with different specifications and features to test the quality of the plastics in a user-friendly manner. To know more about the testing equipmentsconsult our  experts.