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Measure The Uniformity Of Preforms With Preform Perpendicularity Tester

PET Bottles offers ideal options to pack a variety of products like food products, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, drinks, etc. These PET products help to pack the products safely. 

These are used by the manufacturers of different industries to ensure the quality of the product as it is directly related to the health of the consumers. Hence, it is important to provide a high quality of packaging PET products to the customers to offer the best level of hygiene and safety to the customers. This is possible only by testing the quality of the raw materials which are used to manufacture PET bottles using testing instruments.

One of the major issues that arise at the time of production of PET Bottles is that the bottles are not perfectly uniform in terms of size or shape or not perpendicularity which is a symbol of major quality defect in the PET bottles. In order to ensure the quality, uniformity or perpendicularity of the PET bottles, it is necessary to perform perpendicularity test on the PET Bottles. This can be done with the help of a testing instrument known as Preform Perpendicularity tester. The testing instrument is used in PET industries to measure the perpendicularity of the PET bottles. The testing machine is used to detect the non-uniformity of the PET products which indicates the imperfections in the quality of the PET Bottles. With the help of this instrument, the producers can ensure the quality of the product they are producing.

Presto offers the best quality of Preform Perpendicularity tester that provides highly accurate and precise test results. The instrument is fabricated with the top most quality of raw material that strictly complies with various national and international standard test methods.

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