Measure The Intactness Of Bottle Cap Seals With Bottle Cap Seal Tester

Measure The Intactness Of Bottle Cap Seals With Bottle Cap Seal Tester

PET products are used in wide number of applications in different industries. The packaging of the products is one of the major applications for PET products. These are used for multifarious applications due to its numerous features such as non-reactive nature when come in contact with chemicals, strong in quality, and many more. The PET products are used to store directly consumable products to pack the products safely so that the best level of hygiene, quality and safety of the products can be maintained. One of the major problems with the above mentioned products is that they are available in liquid forms and can be spilled out easily from the containers if the packaging of the goods is not good in quality.

Responsibilities of the Manufacturers in PET Industries

It is the responsibility of the manufacturers to test the leak integrity and seal of the bottle caps and lids to ensure that are products that are packed inside are safe and will not be spilled out of the bottle easily. In order to measure the strength and quality of the bottle seals, Bottle Cap Seal Tester is used. The testing device helps to evaluate the integrity of the bottle seals in highly effective manner which ensure the customers or consumers that best quality of product is there inside the packet.

Best Device to Measure the Seal Intactness of Bottles

Presto Stantest offers high-quality of Bottle Cap Seal Tester to the manufacturers of PET & Preform industries so that the seal of the bottle caps can be tested efficiently. The instrument is designed as per the standards that are provided by various standardization authorities and fulfill the requirement of international market too.