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How To Test The Impact Resistance Strength Of Painted Substrates Using Impact Resistance Tester?

Impact Resistance Tester for painted metal substrates is the best and widely used testing machine that is used to measure the impact resistance strength of the paints when specific amount of weight in dropped on a sample from a certain height on the material under some standardized conditions. The weight of the free falling dart severely affects the surface of the material and helps to measures the impact resistance strength of the material. The test can be performed easily with the help of Impact Resistance Tester The testing machine helps to measures the maximum amount of force that can destroys the surface of the material completely.

How does the Impact Resistance Tester Operated?

The test is performed on the sample by subjecting a piece of painted metal substrate to a heavy dart of a particular weight from a certain height. To carry out the test on the sample, first of all, the sample is clamped on the testing device, and the height of the dart is set at a particular angle. This affects the paint quality up to 70 %. The tester is extremely beneficial and useful instruments that help to conclude the quality of the painted metal substrates efficiently and appropriately.

Why to Perform Impact Resistance Tester on Painted Substrates?

The test procedure is performed to test the reliability and strength of the painted substrates. The testing machine is also provided with required configuration setting of dart weight and height. The test results that are computed with the test help to measure the quality of the material and to measure the quality for end use.

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