How Destructive Section Weight Analysis can be done Accurately

How Destructive Section Weight Analysis Can Be Done Accurately

Section Weight Analysis

With passing time, PET bottle industry has grown and is now a renowned vertical. For storage and packaging, it is considered to be the most preferred method because of its properties. The major reasons behind its popularity are mentioned here. It’s standing ability in spite of external shocks and wrenches during transit period. It has more tolerance than glass bottles. It is less prone to bursting than glass bottles. In this blogs section, we will discuss the destructive section weight analysis of PET Bottles using Hot wire bottle cutter and how it can be improved.

PET bottles are the building block of PERT industry, it has many segments and are a major application of the packaging vertical. The PET bottle due to their various beneficial properties are the most common material which is used by manufacturers. The PET bottle are now a part of the pharma industry for making medicine safe and secure, they are used for carrying liquid medicines, solvents, solutions and syrups like cough syrups.

The PET bottle manufacturer, are very much specified for the production process. The bottles are made by using several techniques. The methods are very much clear from the starting like from the raw material selection. The material which is selected for the production must be of high-grade. Also, the PET materials must be as per the applications.

Then in the molding process, it has been taken care of that the material’s melt flow property is accurate and after this the PET surface strain distribution is checked. The PET bottle when are produced, they also need to be tested for their section weight analysis. The PET bottles are first cut into three distinct segment and then these parts are weighed separately.