Presto’s Melt Flow Index Tester – Best To Evaluate The Viscosity Of Plastics

Presto’s Melt Flow Index Tester – Best To Evaluate The Viscosity Of Plastics

Presto’s Melt Flow Index Tester

Melt Flow Index Testing is the most popular and accurate way to determine the viscosity of the plastic materials. The melt flow index is the best and highly effective measure that helps to determine the approximate weight of polymers in grams that can pass through a standardized capillary tube under a standard load in a period of ten minutes. The value that can be obtained from Melt Flow Index Tester in Dubai is single result data that helps to identify the viscosity of the plasticsThe melt flow index is the best test that the materials can bear at a particular temperature and shear stress. Generally, the higher melt flow index explains, the lower viscosity of the plastics and vice versa. This indicates that the material with the MFI rate of 30 flows is easier than a material with the melt flow index of 5. To accurately examine the melt flow index of the plastics, the manufacturers examine the different grade and quality of plastics for a rough comparison.

The Melt Flow Index Tester in Dubai, UAE is provided by the reputed manufacturer of testing instruments to fulfill the requirement of plastic testing. This testing procedure is used by the manufacturers to measure the quality of the materials in highly effective manner. This procedure helps to accept or to reject an entire lot of raw material to produce only high-quality products.

How Presto’s Melt Flow Index is different from others?

To obtain highly relevant data of plastics viscosity, the manufacturers in plastic industry need to perform the rheological testing using a capillary tube. The Presto’s melt flow rate tester offers various characteristics like:

  • Microprocessor based temperature controller.
  • Digital presettable timer for accuracy and repeatability.
  • Corrosion resistant finish.

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