Derive Material Properties under Controlled Burning with the Muffle Furnace

Derive Material Properties under Controlled Burning with the Muffle Furnace

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The materials that are used in the production process of goods from rubber, wool, agriculture, metal, medical, and other related industries need to have a designated level of ash content on burning as these materials are prone to burning and they not only cause hazards but are also responsible for air pollution & other hazards. This makes it necessary for manufacturers to determine all the related properties of a material before consuming the same in the production process.

Manufacturers are bound to deliver highly advanced final goods that hold par with all the quality parameters to achieve maximum consumer satisfaction. Therefore, it becomes mandatory to evaluate all the properties of these materials by using various testing instruments. One such property derivation that is necessary to be conducted is the determination of the ash content of a material on being burnt under controlled heating environments.

The Presto Group offers top-notch lab testing instruments to determine the ash content of a specimen and aid manufacturers in achieving highly accurate test results, thus, good quality final products which is the ultimate goal. The lab testing instrument is known as the muffle furnace.

The instrument is equipped with an ergonomic structure which contributes to its simplistic working mechanism and aids the operator in achieving accurate test results expeditiously.

Working Mechanism of the Muffle Furnace

Due to the simplistic working mechanism, the instrument has gained the trust of manufacturers from all the related industries and has gained a monopoly over other testing chambers.

To initiate the test, the operator has to place the specimen precisely in the dedicated specimen holding bowl. The operator must make sure that the specimen does not exceed the size of the wall. 

Once the specimen is placed correctly, the operator must close the door (firmly) to ensure no involvement of the external environment with the internal environment and thus help manufacturers achieve higher levels of accuracy as with the test outputs.

After closing the door firmly and locking it with the locking mechanism provided by the muffle furnace manufacturer, it becomes vital for manufacturers to adjust the settings, including temperature controls & preset timer for the conduction of the test.

Once the temperature as well as the preset timer is adjusted, the instrument starts elevating the temperature inside the testing chamber with the help of highly advanced & wall-integrated heaters that ensure uniform heating.

The instrument secures the testing chamber with maximum insulation due to the incorporation of glass wool material that ensures no leakage of the internal heat and ensures the testing standards are precise.

After the time adjusted on the preset timer is achieved, the operator can simply unlock the door and take the ash content of the specimen collected in the dedicated specimen placement bowl out with the help of a tong provided as an accessory along with the instrument. It is important to make sure that the operator does not touch the testing bowl with bare hands as it gets heated up due to the burning temperatures inside the chamber.

The operator can now simply determine the ash content percentage by the ash content collected in the dedicated specimen placement bowl.

The muffle furnace manufacturer has inculcated top-quality attributes within the instrument to aid the operator in performing tests seamlessly to achieve high levels of accuracy by streamlining the steps of the process.

Top-Quality Attributes of the Muffle Furnace

The muffle furnace is equipped with futuristic features & attributes that contribute largely toward the single-handed testing measures that an operator can undertake while conducting the test.   

The most advanced feature among all is the incorporation of glass wool material that is layered with a steel door with a firm locking mechanism that provides an assurance of insulation to the operator.

The instrument is also equipped with a microprocessor-based digital display that determines the temperature in the testing chamber and also allows the operator to use the preset timer for automatic time adjustment of the test.

The preset timer enables the instrument to automatically cut off after the adjusted time is achieved, this safeguards the instrument from overworking & saves extra power.

The lab testing instrument is also equipped with feather touch controls that enable the operator to perform tests with seamlessness and in an expedited manner.

The lab testing equipment is offered with mild steel material that is coated with 7-layered powder paint to safeguard the instrument’s body from rusting & corrosion due to exposure to the environment.

All these top-notch features of the instrument inculcated by the manufacturers aim towards providing a hassle-free testing experience and aid manufacturers from all across industries to serve top-notch quality by evaluating the ash content percentage of materials.

The instrument is equipped with certain specifications that are important to consider before buying the device in order to evaluate the standards to comply with.

Muffle Furnace Specifications to Consider

·       The walls of the testing chamber are carved out of ceramic pieces with ceramic filling inside them.

·       The external body is layered with a G.I. sheet over mild steel material with a powder coating.

·       The temperature of the integrated wall heaters can range up to 900 degrees Celsius,

·       The control panel consists of a microprocessor-based digital display along with light-indicating lamps as well as feather touch control buttons for seamless testing.

·       The testing chamber has glass wool integration along with A1 Kanthal wires that ensure insulation & uniform heating around the crucible with the specimen.

All these muffle furnace specifications are extremely necessary to be considered & compared with the guidelines of the dedicated standards. 

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