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Bursting Strength Check Of Packaging Product

Industries and businesses like to use corrugated materials due to their reusability. Due to its recyclability, it is the greenest packing solutions now a days. Corrugated boxes cost very less and provide safety to the contents stored inside especially at the time of transportation. They are also opted for being light weighted, strong and food safe. The future of packaging industries and shipping industries goes more with perfect packaging. To sustain in the competitive world and improve the packaging quality, the packaging materials must be tested prior to being used in the market.

Bursting strength of papers and boxes are major property to explain the quality and strength of packaging materials to stand the weight. The other properties that affect the cartons are compression, burst, tensile etc. The bursting strength of various materials is tested in laboratories on the basis of the raw materials used by the manufacturer. Bursting strength tester measures the bursting strength of cartons and boards which is widely used in packaging industries.


The test is performed by applying the force to completely fracture the board which is recorded in the digital indicator. The bursting strength gives a hydraulic pressure under a rubber diaphragm on a particular area of the sample. It is capable of testing samples such as leather, cloth, carton box etc.  The goal of packaging should be to increase the freshness and the lastingness of the product.

The Machine is manufactured to measure the performance and the strength capability of the corrugated materials. It goes with standards of ASTM D 3786-01, ASTM D 3786-80A, ISO 1060 Part 1 1987. The features are chip based display, provides accurate results and can be operated by a single push button, the capacity of the memory up to 9 test reading, gripping clamps to hold the sample, grooved structure to avoid slippage risk and LED display. Bursting strength can be measured in kg/cm2. It also provides accessories like one 100ml glycerine bottle, four calibrated aluminium foil pack, one screw driver, two rubber diaphragm, and one glycerine bowl opening wrench. Presto Bursting strength tester has a steel body with powder coated gray and blue combination finish and zinc plated corrosion resistant body. It has dimensions of 540 x 600 x 450 mm.

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