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Auto-Mode Test Equipment for MFI Calculation of PVC Material

PVC or polyvinyl chloride is a highly used material in plastic industries. It has numerous applications and exhibit multiple properties. Due to its variable viscosities, the material is tested for its MFI value or melt flow index using Melt Flow Index Tester. The melting property of a PVC material is crucial for its manufacturing process and its reefing stages. Therefore choosing the right instrument which is standardized and equipped with fine features in important.

The Auto-mode MFI tester is designed as per various test standards ASTM D 1238-1992, IS 2267-1972, IS 2530-1963, and IS 10810-1984. Equipped with higher technology based PID controller which manages the temperature of the equipment during test process. It is specially designed for studying the molten properties of polymer material such PVC. The PID control is based upon a microprocessor software program.

It has automated features such as for sample cutting. When the molten material is flown down the sample is automatically cut at a specified length. No need to weigh the material and take risk of touching the hot material while it’s flown in melted form. The tester is equipped with digital based display for keeping a record of the test values. The display screen is huge and is installed with a LED light for bright display in low light conditions.

The barrel part is composed of die steel so that it can allow uniform heating process. The melt flow index of a polymer substance is the amount of polymer flown in a specified time and at a specified temperature and pressure. The range of temperature delivered is from ambient to 400 degree Celsius.

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