Adhesion Strength Tester Offered by Presto

Adhesion Strength Tester Offered by Presto

Adhesion Strength Tester

Packaging industry has many challenges to deal with and biggest of them all is dealing with environmental factors. Environment creates certain unavoidable situations that are very difficult to deal with. High temperature, severe cold conditions, humidity, rain and so on. Apart from keeping the content safe from any external factors, packing is responsible for making a product look good. As far as safety is concerned, seal integrity is very important factor to consider. Usually, adhesives are used to create bonds between two surfaces. And, we all know that the biggest enemy of adhesion is humidity.

How Humidity Affects Adhesion?

As percentage of humidity increases in an area, it has direct impact on the bonding strength of the packing. However, there are many other factors that contribute in affecting the bonding strength of a material. To assess the behavior of the seal when subjected to humid environment, conditions are simulated using environment chambers. Along with these chambers, adhesion strength tester is used to calculate the effect of environment on the seal strength. This test is also be called as peel strength test. Apart from analyzing the behavior of the seal in humid environments, it is performed to check the seal strength in general.

Presto’s Adhesion Strength Tester

Adhesion strength tester is a very useful instrument in testing of bonding strength of different packaging materials used in different industries. Different sealing materials like sensitive tapes, BOP tapes, resealable tapes, etc. can be tested. Using this instrument, the sealing strength can be easily and precisely be measured.

To fulfill the rising testing demands of the industry, Presto has launched many testing instruments catering to the needs of different packaging industries. We are the major manufacturer and supplier of peel adhesion strength testing machine which is designed specially to analyze the bonding behavior of the material. All the instruments are manufactured with the state of art technology and complying with international testing standards issued by relative authorities. The machines are designed in such a way so that it does not required any skilled labour to operate the machine.

The seal testing machine offered by Presto comes in bench top model and compact design. It does not require any specific laboratory conditions to operate perfectly. For any requirement of seal testers, contact our experts today. They will help you in choosing the perfect machine for your industry that fits in your budget as well.