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The Presto’s Crease Recovery Tester is widely used in Textile industries. It helps to determine the property of textiles to improve the creases by measurement of the recovery angle. Fold or crease of textile material is a complex effect involving compressive, tensile, torsional and flexing stresses.

Crease Recovery Tester determines the property of textiles and fabrics to recover from creases by measurement of the recovery angle. The testing instrument form Presto is calibrated and is of high quality.

The test sample is first crumpled under a specific weight for a given phase of time and is then placed in the measuring device where one end of the test specimen is fixed in a spring loaded clamp and the other is left to fall freely under its own weight and height. Now take the readings from the moving clamp to know the deflection of the fixed end of the horizontal. This angle provides you the measurement of the Crease Recovery Angle.

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To perform the test, the specimen is cut with the help of a template and creased under a specified load for a period of time and then the creased fabric is transferred to the testing apparatus, where one end of the specimen seized with a spring loaded holder and other end fell free at its own weight. When crease recovers, the dial of the instrument rotates to keep the free edge of the sample inline as per the knife edge. Now, one needs to view the recovery angle from the engraved scale to know the deflection of the clamped end from the horizontal direction. This angle provides a measure of the Crease Recovery Angle.

    • The size of the test sample can be 40 x 15mm or 50 x 25 mm.
    • Creasing load available with the machine is 10N, 9.63N (10N + 9.63N = 19.63)as per ISO 500 grams and As per AATCC standard No. 66
    • Angle measurement on a circular scale graduate in 1 degree.
    • Scale range is 20 – 180.

    • The machine is made up of the heavy caste base.
    • All the parts of the machine are made of stainless steel.
    • The machine is equipped with rotating dial made up of imported acrylic sheet.
    • Dial moves in a brass bush to make the movement smooth.
    • The base of the laboratory equipment is equipped with steel creasing load and two round steel plates for pressing the sample.

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