Instruments as per ASTM F 1319-94 (2000)

Standard Method to determine smudge and abrasion resistance of images produced from business copy products (Crockmeter Method)

The ASTM F1319-94 (2000) describes a method of determining the degree of image transferred to the surface of a white fabric by rubbing. The test procedure can be employed to calculate the smudge and abrasion resistance of business imaging products produced by thermal transfer printers, impact printers, and non-impact printers. The standard test method can also be used to estimate the amount of fabric detached from the sample i.e. crock or smudge. Testing focus mainly on determining the amount of material deposited on the crock meter cloth or redeposited in a new location on the sample. The test method is also engaged to measure the performance characteristics of a product. The user should select test instruments which are suitable for measuring the abrasion to the specimens. Specimens are tested before and after chafing and assessment of results are prepared. In this test standard, product performance assessment is optional.