Instruments as per ASTM D1776

Standard Test Method for Conditioning and Testing Textiles

The standard test method covers the conditioning and testing of textiles in those instances where such conditioning is mentioned in a test method. Because former exposure of textiles to low or high humidity may affect the balanced moisture pick-up, a test method also is provided for preconditioning the material when specified. The equipments to be used in the conditioning and testing of textiles must include conditioning chamber, preconditioning cabinet, Psychrometer ventilated by aspiration and multiple shelf containing rack or suitable container. The conditioning chamber consists of instrument for maintaining the standard atmosphere for testing textiles throughout the chamber within the tolerances, including the facilities for circulating air over all surfaces of the exposed specimen for recording the relative humidity and temperature of the air in the conditioning chamber. For commencing the test procedure, test specimens are brought in contact with moisture for testing as per the standard atmosphere for testing textile.