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Vacuum Leak Tester in Sri Lanka

MODEL PVL - 0130 (150 mm)

The manufacturers in Packaging industries deal in various packaging products such as plastic pouches, sachets, plastic bags, etc. These packets need to ensure that the products they are supplying to their customers are best in terms of excellence and free from pinholes or leakage. For this, they need the best way to test the integrity and quality of the pouches. Vacuum Leak tester in Sri Lanka is the Best packaging pouches testing instrument offered by Presto. It is an extremely useful testing machine which is used to test the integrity and leakage properties of the pouches. The machine is sufficient enough to provide a high amount of vacuum pressure that helps to detect any sort of leakage or pinholes in the sample. The table top testing machine ensures easy and smooth operations and offers precise test results.

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Presto has been involved in manufacturing and exporting highly effective Vacuum Leak Tester for Sri Lanka. The testing machine is widely used to detect pinholes or related injuries in the packets, pouches or sachets and helps to inspect the level of quality of the material. The apparatus is assembled with two different sizes of desiccators that contribute to test different size of samples. The machine is designed in conformance with standards that are introduced by standardization authorities to test vacuum leak test on packaging materials. The instrument is supplied complete with the conformance certificate and user manual.

    • Test Pressure range of the apparatus is 0 mm hg to 600 mm of hg.
    • Least Count is 1 mm of hg.
    • It is assembled with two desiccators of different diameters i.e. 150mm and 300mm that permits the user to commence the test on the sample of various sizes using a single
    • It is duly fitted with a digital preset timer that helps to set the precise timing easily.
    • Release valve & pressure gauge are provided for easily building up and mentoring the pressure inside the desiccators.
    • The desiccator is also fitted with additional pressure release mechanism system that helps to release the residual pressure which is left inside even after the completion of the test.

    • It is designed ergonomically which ensures easy and smooth operation of the device.
    • It is designed keeping in mind the standards that are introduced by various standardization authorities.
    • The aluminum body of the instrument ensures corrosion resistant finish and long working life of the instrument.

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