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Hot Wire Bottles Cutter in Nigeria


PET bottles are extensively used for packaging of products such as soft drinks, aerated drinks, chemicals, etc. the balance of these PET bottles must be of perfect balance so that they do not fall over again and again. In order to ensure the perfect balance of the bottles, section weight analysis is conducted by the PET bottle manufacturers. In this procedure, the bottle is cut perfectly into three different sections that are a top cylinder and bottom. To cut the bottle perfectly, the Hot Wire Bottle Cutter in Nigeria is the best equipment.  It cuts the test specimen in exact dimension without causing deformation of any section. The instrument is a cost-effective and convenient method of cutting the bottles perfectly.

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Presto offers the best quality Hot Wire Bottles Cutter for Nigeria that is used widely by the PET manufacturers to cut the PET bottles into three distinct sections for the purpose of section weight analysis. The instrument is fitted with an efficient digital display that helps in monitoring of the heating level of the canthal wires. The canthal wires fitted with the instrument are of very high quality. There is also a variable voltage potentiometer that helps in providing heat to the wires at three individual levels. The instrument is supplied to the customers along with a conformance certificate and a user guide.

    • The instrument is ideal for cutting of PET bottles into three different sections with accurate dimensions.
    • The device is assembled with an LED digital display that shows the heating level of the cutting wires with good accuracy.
    • The equipment is provided with a set of two high-quality canthal element wires for cutting. There are also more numbers of wires available with the instrument.
    • The weight of the device is 35 kg.
    • The dimensions of the device are 700 X 400 X 400 mm.
    • A bottle with a maximum diameter of 138 mm can be cut with the instrument.
    • The variable voltage potentiometer helps in controlling the level of heating of the canthal wires. The wires can be heated to three different heating levels.

    • The machine is best for cutting the PET bottles for section weight analysis.
    • The canthal wires have the option to be heated to three distinct levels for cutting of different materials.
    • The degree of heating is monitored with the help of the digital display of the machine.

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