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Vacuum Leak Detection of Medical & Pharma Packaging

Medical Packaging industry has been renowned for utilizing the best possible packaging methods and quality control. This is because of the responsibility they carry for the end customer. The highest level of quality control is conducted in the industry to assure that the content packed inside keeps its integrity perfect till speculated time. The most performing test is the Vacuum leak detection which is conducted on medical and pharma packaging.


The leak detection process is vital for medical and pharma packaging as it is of great importance that a manufacturer know that if the packaging material is resistant against surrounding pressure and do not burst out the content outside or allow any external contamination to enter the packaging.

The test equipment used for the process is a highly standardized Vacuum leak testing machine.  The machine is constructed using mild steel material and desiccator of Plexi glass material to allow a clear and transparent view. Other than this the glass is strong enough to face the pressure build-up. The operation of the equipment is controlled with digital based program. The test values like the pressure and leak resistance value is displayed on the screen while the test is running.

Vacuum Leak Tester digital with Desicator 150 -1-new--1


User can easily place the sample pharma and medical packaging material inside the chamber and close the lid. Generate the required pressure and see on screen if the material has any leak hole in it. Tare and peak hold facility is available with the machine. User can define the peak force and tare force recordings.

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