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TP800 Spectrophotometer ensuring Quality Orange Production

If you are an owner of an orange field, your money practically grows on tree. And to remain like that, it is very important that you must ensure that your trees are producing the highest quality yield. One must think that to assure quality production in field we should be taking care of the soil mix, minerals and nutrients which are to be added to the roots, ideal temperature and humidity levels etc. but what on earth colour measurement testing instruments has to do with all of that? By using a TP800 spectrophotometer to assess the color of oranges, one can study the relation between the factors that contributed to the development of their color and its quality production.

The relation between orange sales and its color

When it comes to juicing oranges, quality is often seen through color quality. This happens as color is a primary attraction for customers and can even modify the perceptions of taste. According to a research, it has been found that sometimes even brand and price information had no effect on consumer’s taste buds, but the color changes got successful in making consumers alter their preferences.  In fact, the color modifications are even stronger than the effect of taste.

A pigment produced by oranges, termed as carotenoid is responsible for generating the orange color of the fruit and their juice is also generated by the same pigment. Evaluating color standards for orange juice can come pre-programmed in the instrument, allowing for greater specificity than is possible via visual inspection and ensuring the highest degree of grading accuracy.

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