Test Plastic Material for their Low-Temperature Properties

Test Plastic Material for their Low-Temperature Properties

The polymer has a normal tendency of generating crack when exposed to low temperatures for a long time. With decreasing temperature, plastic becomes brittle with low failure stresses. Low temperatures are more dangerous to the plastic material than high temperatures. Catastrophic failures can be seen if while selecting materials low-temperature properties of plastics are not taken into account.

Manufacturer of Plastic products which are utilized in the low-temperature area must ensure that the material they select must deliver required low-temperature properties. It must retain its original form and behaviour when exposed to decreeing temperature.

Ultra-Low Deep Freezer is a clever technology chamber which delivers real-life freezing temperature to test the working behaviour of plastic material and capacity of retaining freezing conditions. It is used to observe and study the physical modification of material in Research labs. The machine complies with various international test standards. PT-100 sensor installed to deliver precise temperature control. Chamber ensure uniform cooling inside utilizing aerodynamically designed circulation fans. High-grade PUF insulation provided for zero-temperature loss. Test results are displayed on a Bright LED screen in digital format.

Equipped with CFC free refrigerants and air cooling compressors to deliver flawless ultra-low temperature. It can be used to perform conditioning procedures which are required in plastic industries. Washable condenser filters also available. It has a capacity of 95 litres which is known to be best for plastic manufacturers. One can test several sizes of the sample in one go. With the accuracy of ± 2°C and a Least Count of 0.1°C, the chamber can deliver exact cooling required as per test conditions.

The temperature range offered by the chamber is -10°C to -60°C. There are 2 huge area sample racks for easy and hassle-free placement of samples. The door is equipped with strong Lockable Handles. Castor wheel provided for free movement of the chamber.