Role of Material Testing of Automobiles for Passing the Crash Test

Role of Material Testing of Automobiles for Passing the Crash Test

Crash test of the automobile is a type of destructive testing that is used for studying the effects of a collision with the vehicle. It is used for testing the quality and strength of the materials that have been used for manufacturing the different components included in the vehicle. With the crash test, it is possible to analyze the strength of the materials used in the vehicle such as compressive strength, tensile strength, the hardness of the metallic components. When the crash test is conducted on an automobile, it becomes possible for the manufacturers to ensure that whether the products is safe for the passengers.

What is Crash test?

A crash test is conducted by colliding the test vehicle against a wall or rigid support at a specific speed to analyze its strength and quality. There are different types of crash test that are conducted in automotive industries. During the test, there are is a dummy human being is placed on the passenger seat with different sensors in it. These sensors give the analysis of the effect of the impact on the human body. The different crash tests that are conducted in the industries are Moderate overlap crash test, frontal Impact tests, side impact test, sled testing and so forth.

Material testing for Crash test

For manufacturers, it is mandatory that their automobiles pass the crash test . Hence, they need to ensure that quality of materials that are used for manufacturing are of best quality. The metallic components must go through the tensile strength test, compression tests and other relevant tests to make sure that they pass the crash tests easily.

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