Polariscope – Features And Uses

Polariscope – Features And Uses

Various packaging purposes are fulfilled using PET product comprising of pet bottles and PET containers that are used to pack a variety of products. The freshness, hygiene, and safety of a vast number of goods are maintained using PET containers. The food and beverage industries and pharmaceutical industries have primary use of PET products. Maintaining the hygiene of the products is vital to the safe packaging process. Unsafe packaging could affect the health of the end users. The manufacturers of PET products must ensure the best quality products to their customers with safety and hygiene. The manufacturers must perform the continuous quality checks on the raw materials used in the production process and must keep a check on the process of production.

PET industries’ primary process is blow molding in which Preforms are gone through the process to produce PET bottles. Low quality of the preforms with small defects will be rejected because a defected Preform cannot be used to make a bottle. Hence, measuring the quality of the Preforms that helps the manufacturers to detect the defects in the preforms and rejects the defective piece. This is time saving and cost effective.

The natural light and polarized light are used to detect the defect in the product. Various properties like colors, transparency, appearance and many more are tested by using normal source of light. The same sample is then tested under polarized light to determine various defects like crystallization, strain distribution, and bad transparency. A Polariscope is the best to perform this test.  Since testing device produces a large amount of polarized light, measuring the quality of the Preform is simple for the manufacturers. The stress patterns could be determined in the preforms with the help of this light and helps to detect the defects on the preforms.

 Standard Testing Equipment in High Demand

Presto manufactures laboratory testing equipment and Polariscope of various models to fulfill the testing requirements of a large number of PET products manufacturers. This helps the manufacturers to choose the model of their choice for their testing laboratories. Call our experts for any query related to the polariscope.