Section Weight Analysis With High-Quality Of Pet Bottle Cutter

Perfectly Cut The Pet Bottles For Section Weight Analysis With High-Quality Of Pet Bottle Cutter

PET bottles nowadays have attained a dominant position in the world of packaging to fulfill the requirement of packaging. PET bottles are used to pack different types of products, but the major use of these products are in food and beverage industries, pharmaceutical industries, chemical industries, edible items and many more. The PET products are the first choice of the manufacturers because of the non-reactive nature of the PET products to strong chemicals. Due to the extensive usage of PET products, it is necessary to test the quality of PET bottles and related products to safeguard the quality of the products that are stored in the bottles from various types of environmental factors and transportation hurdles. Many properties need to be tested of PET bottles to guarantee the quality of the products like transparency testerwall thicknesssection weight analysisbase clearance etc. It is compulsory for the manufacturers to measure each and every property of the PET bottles effectively to assure the best quality of the PET products.

Section Weight Analysis of PET Bottles

The major test method that must be performed on PET Bottles to measure the quality of the products is Section Weight Analysis. This is measured to assess the standard distribution of material throughout the bottle according to the diameter, shape and size of the bottles. This can be assessed properly by cutting the bottle in three sections for proper section weight analysis without deforming the actual shape of the bottles. This can be done efficiently with the help of highly effective testing instrument i.e. PET Bottle Cutter or Hot Wire Bottle cutter.

Presto Stantest offers a highly-effective and modern way to cut the bottles in multiple sections without deforming the quality of the bottles i.e. HWBC or PET Bottle Cutter. The testing instrument offers precise test results. To know the technical specifications of the product, visit