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Measure The Resistance Of Rubbers To Crack With Ozone Testing

Rubbers are used on a large scale in most of the production houses to produce rubber products for different applications like gaskets, seals, tires, household products, footwear, industrial material, fasteners and many more. These products are manufactured by converting natural rubbers into vulcanized form using processing procedures. As natural rubbers are fragile and soft in nature, they can’t be used for the production of material whether industrial or domestic. Therefore, the natural rubbers need to go through the vulcanization process first to make it eligible for the production process. Vulcanization is the processing technique which is used in rubber industries by adding an optimum quantity of sulphur to the natural rubber which makes the natural rubber thick and hard to use for the production purposes. The ratio of sulphur which need to be added to the natural rubber is nor fixed it is added on the basis of the requirement of the application.

After processing the natural rubber to vulcanized rubber, it is sent for the production of different products in various industries. When the material goes through the tough and rigorous manufacturing process, the firm quality of the product is obtained and manufactured which is required for the domestic as well as industrial purposes. As the rubbers are used  for various critical applications also, it is essential to test the quality of the rubbers first using the best quality of testing equipments. Also, it is necessary to test that the testing machine which is used for performing the test is also of superior quality. One of the best testing device which helps to enhance the quality of the rubber products is Ozone Chamber.

The frequent use of the rubber in harsh working circumstances and in an open environment it creates an ozone layer on the surface of the material. It is very harsh air in our environment which spoils the quality of the rubbers and generates cracks on the surface of the rubbers. This pushes the manufacturers to test the quality of the rubbers. Ozone chamber is the best testing device which is used to verify the effect of ozone concentration on the rubber material.

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