Judge The Physical Characteristics Of The Plastics With Melt Flow Rate Tester

Judge The Physical Characteristics Of The Plastics With Melt Flow Rate Tester

In Plastic industries, there are numerous properties and characteristics of the plastics that must be analyzed carefully so that best quality of products can be produced. The chemical and physical properties of polymers have a great impact on the quality, durability, reliability, strength and resistance of the material to various environmental effects. The major factor of the polymers that must be analyzed appropriately is Melt Flow Index. Melt Flow Index is also known as MFI, Melt Volume Rate, Melt Flow Rate. The MFI is the rate of the flow of the molten plastics of granules. This factor directly helps to determine the molecular weight, viscosity and structure of the plastics.  The molecular weight of the plastics is inversely related to the melt volume rate of the plastics. The plastic which has less melt flow rate has complex molecular structure and the plastic with high MFI has simple molecular structure.

Melt Flow Index Tester for Bahrain – Best to Measure the Molecular Structure of Polymers

The best way to judge the melt flow index of the polymer is Melt Flow Index Tester. The testing instrument is used to measure the quality and viscosity of the plastics accurately and efficiently. The device is widely used in Plastic industries and PET & Preform Industry to analyze the quality of the plastics. The testing machine is preferred by the manufacturers of plastic products to ensure the quality of the raw material and to produce the only best quality of devices.

Presto’s MFI Tester – NXG Model for Bahrain

Presto Stantest, a world’s prominent manufacturer of testing instruments, has now introduced the upgraded model of NXG model of MFI Tester for Bahrain. The testing device is designed keeping in mind all relevant and standard test methods that are provided by various standardization authorities to provide highly accurate MFI rate using Melt Flow Index Formula. To know more about the device, consult our experts or visit www.testing-instruments.com.