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How to Test the Quality of PET Bottles?

PET bottles is the commonest form of bottle used for storing and packing of carbonated liquids. Due to its non-reactive and food-grade properties, is widely accepted and used. Irrespective of application, whether it is intended for the single use of repeated use; a series of tests are performed to check how well the bottles can store and transport the carbonated drinks. A few important tests will be discussed in this post;

Bursting test – Bottle burst tester – Touch Screen Model is used to see the tolerance of bottle when pressure is applied to it. Due to carbonation effect, the beverage packed may create pressure inside the bottle. When an external stress is applied to it, its behaviour is volatile. This situation may occur in warehouses and during transits. This equipment is available in two models. One has a cavity in which the bottle is clamped; Another model has chamber style arrangement. The operation of both the models is same. A bottle is clamped inside the cavity and closed properly. It is important to check the closure of cavity, as the bursting of the bottle may scatter sharp particles with a pressure which are dangerous when coming in contact. A preset pressure is created inside the bottle for certain time. If bottle sustains the pressure for defined time, it passes the test, else the specification may require reconsideration.



Top load test – This test procedure is specifically for PET bottles and jars. A top load tester is employed to apply force on the bottle standing straight until buckling appears. It keeps on applying force until the deformity occurs. This test is important to perform as it tells about the load bearing capacity of the bottle. Often stacked too many layers, warehouses store bottles on top of the each other.


Wall thickness measurement – Good quality PET bottles have uniform wall thickness throughout the bottle. If there is unevenness, this creates vulnerable areas in the bottle that are prone to damage due to an external force. Magna-Mike 8600 is the device that efficient quantifies the thickness of bottle. Operators have noticed that bottle burst tester often impacts similar areas that are highlighted by Magna-Mike 8600 as weak points. Apart from testing uniformity, this helps in downsizing the bottle. Downsizing refers to a practice where the thickness is reduced to a level where it can withstand the intended work conditions. This is appreciated in order to reduce the wastage of raw materials.

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