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Hassle Free Tensile Testing of Plastics Samples

Manufacturing a particular product is not an easy task. There are many different segments which have to be taken care of. The selection of a proper material, the production process and its execution as per the standards is a tough thing to do. While doing these things, it is possible to commit mistakes which can lead to quality issue later on.

The quality control department is one of the most important area of manufacturing unit which is responsible for a business’s up or down in the market. In the plastic vertical, also the quality has very much of importance. As we all know that the vertical has applications in many critical verticals so there is no space for errors. In this blog section, we will talk about such a quality assurance test and the equipment which offers a hassle free testing of plastic parts i.e. Tensile testing machine.

The machine is used for evaluating the tensile strength of plastic part. It is tested that on experiencing tensile pressure the part is getting how much elongated and how it is behaving. This factor is very important on plastic material. There are many other factors too but tensile properties of plastic helps the manufacturer to categorise the material as per it properties for distinct applications/ the principle of the test is Constant rate of Traverse i.e. CRT. The body of the machine is built using mild steel material.

This machine is renowned in the plastic industry for conducting quality testing on plastic parts and material. It has strong clamping hands to hold the sample tight so that it do not slips away during the testing procedure. The controls are digital and the test results are displayed on LED screen.

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