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Bursting Strength Tester in Bangladesh

PBS -203

The bursting strength of a material is a major indicator that helps the manufacturers in evaluating the strength and quality of a packaging material used in different industries. The bursting strength helps in determining the exact amount of force that is required for the failure of the material when subjected to a bursting force. The Bursting Strength Tester in Bangladesh offered by Presto is majorly used by manufacturers to assess the bursting strength of the materials with high accuracy. In this way, the instrument can help the manufacturers in ensuring the best quality of materials supplied to the customers. The instrument complies with various quality standards and specifications issued by various standardization agencies hence, it can easily be applied in international industries also.

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Presto is an industry trusted exporter and supplier of Bursting Strength Tester for Bangladesh that is commonly used in the packaging industries for the purpose of quality testing of the packaging materials that are used in packaging industries. The instrument has a manual clamping mechanism that helps in the firm holding of the specimen during testing. There are other features such as digital peak load indicator, automatic buzzer, program lock, etc. that make the functioning of the instrument easy and accurate.

The machine is designed according to the guidelines that are prescribed in various test standards and is provided with a calibration certificate and a user guide.

    • The machine is intended to exert wide pressure range varying from 0 kg/cm2 -  40 kg/cm2.
    • For the exact reading of the test results, LED digital display is provided.
    • The least count of the lab testing instrument is 0.1 kg/cm2.
    • The device is fitted with an upper clamp with a diameter of 5 mm.
    • The lower clamp mounted in the instrument has a 10 mm diameter.
    • The fluid used for testing moves at a speed of 95 cc per min.
    • The fluid used for testing is high-quality lab grade glycerin.
    • The instrument is driven by a ¼ hp motor.
    • The instrument uses a worm reduction type gearbox for efficient working.
    • The power consumption of the device is ½ kilowatts.

    • The digital peak load indicator is best for accurate analysis of the test results.
    • The instrument comes with a manual clamping fixture.
    • The Peak load indicator also has a storage capacity of storing 9 values from the previous
    • It is very easy and secure device that can be operated by anyone.

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