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Dead Weight Tester


Dead Weight Testers are the most precise and stable pressure standards broadly used in research institutes, industries, and academia to calibrate pressure measurement devices like pressure gauges.

Dead Weight Tester is a consistent tool used to check the accuracy of pressure gauge by applying pressure to the fluid by piston medium beneath it.  PRESTO Dead Weight Tester is made of rigid steel base plate.

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    • The range: of the machine is100 Kg/sq. cm
      • It provides resolution of 0.1 Kg./ sq. cm

      • Minimum Range: 0.20 Kg/sq.cm
      • Union connector size: ½” BSP
      • Reservoir Block size: 3/8” BSP


    • Pressure Gauge
    • Vacuum Gauge
    • Pressure Transducers
    • Transmitters
    • Pressure Switch
    • Recorders

    Highly Stable and repeatable result by efficiently designed piston block

    • Built-in pumps for pressure
    • Floating piston with screw pump
    • Mounted leveling screws and adjustable feet with tightening lock nuts
    • Design of O-rings with floating piston eliminates the use of PTFE tapes
    • Reservoir Block provided for optimum control of oil flow
    • High Quality release valves with piping connection to gauge block
    • Hydraulic Oil used as operating fluid

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