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Colour Matching cabinet – USA Model

Spectrum II - (USA)

Colour matching has always been the biggest challenge of many industries. From textile industries to automotive, everybody is dealing with different challenges associated with colour. Getting the right colour to getting the right colour in right light is what difficult is. Presto’s colour matching cabinet is solution to all these problems. It is a very basic instrument but is capable of solving the problem of metamerism very easily. It is an enclosed cabinet having different light sources.

The sample that is to be tested is placed inside the cabinet. All the lights are turned on one by one. The operator will observe visually, which light is having what on effect on colour of the sample. It is one of the best instrument to compare the master with the sample in different working conditions.

Metamerism is a phenomenon, in which a colour appears different under different light sources. This effect creates a considerable difference in choosing the right colour due to lighting condition of the surrounding. It is a very simple to use and cost-effective instrument. It is widely used in textile industry. This model is specifically designed as per the American standards and widely accepted in different parts of the world. The samples tested with this instrument are accepted widely.

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  • Colour Matching Cabinet – Spectrum USA is equipped with SIX different light sources as per the standards:

    • D 65Artificial day light – A light-bluish coloured light used in matching different colour applications like textiles, plastics, paints and other manufactured products. Light with Colour temperature of 6500K artificial daylight used for initial colour matching.
    • Ultra -Violet Black light – It is also known as Ultra Violet black light or UV-B light . The light emits long ultraviolet rays that do not have much visible brightness. UV energy has the ability to excite certain substances like dyes, chemical or pigments within a sample causing them to emit light in the visible spectrum, usually in the blue region. Used for matching the presence of fluorescent dyes, bleaches, and WHITE analysis.
    • TL 84 Point of Sale light – It is characterized by emitting high amounts of green light with a colour temperature of approx. 4000K.
    • Cool white Florescent light (4150K, Office Lighting Wide Band) – It is illustrated by producing high quantity of green energy, with a colour temperature of approx. 4100K.
    • Incandescent INCAA light – Filament light used as a test of metamerism and appraisal under domestic light
    • Ultra Loom 30 light – It is exemplified by releasing high quantity of yellowish red coloured rays with a colour temperature of approx.  3000K.It is used reproduce light in both visible and ultraviolet spectrum
    • The machine is designed as per Indian and international standard. The product is available with an instruction manual along with a calibration certificate.

    • It also ensures accurate, closer and faster results.
    • The machine can be operated easily in short span of time.
    • The instrument is also equipped with time totalizer/hour meter for recording to total no. of hours run for lights.
    • Operates with individual feather touch buttons for every light source.

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