Measure the resistant of plastics to environmental stress cracking

Why Is It Important To Measure The Resistant Of Plastics To Environmental Stress Cracking?

Environmental Stress Cracking means the polymeric failure due to the environmental factors and stress. The rate of failure depends on the different properties of the material, various environmental conditions, and type of stress that occurs in different conditions and due to various factors such as soaps, wetting agents, detergents, and many more. Blow molded polyethylene containers usually show inevitable failure due to crack and stress due to the availability of different environments.

Effect of Stress Cracking on Plastics

Testing procedure of Environmental Stress Cracking is clearly described in various standards that are used to measure the resistance of plastics to environmental stress cracking. This cracking and stress affect the design of the containers, quality of resins, blow-molding conditions, the effect on other properties of the material that influence the quality of the product.

How the Properties of Plastics can be Judged?

The testing instrument is designed by the manufacturers of testing instruments as per the ASTM D 1693 to measure the effect of environmental factors on plastic containers. Due to the presence of various factors such as soaps, detergents, wetting agents affect the mechanical properties of the plastics. These effects are judged under certain conditions of cracks and tensions that affect the product badly and affect its working life as well.

Solution by Presto

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