Effect Of Chaffing On Fabrics-Abrasion Cum Pilling Tester

Test The Effect Of Chaffing On Fabrics With Martindale Abrasion Cum Pilling Tester

In textile industries, it is necessary for the manufacturers to test the quality of the fabrics before starting the production process. The quality of the fabrics can be ensured by testing various properties of the fabrics like snap button pull out strength, abrasion cum pilling strength and many more. One of the major properties of the fabrics is its abrasion cum pilling strength. This property helps the manufacturers to analyze the resistance of the fabrics to abrasion as well as pilling. This is possible with the help of high quality of Martindale Abrasion cum Pilling Tester.

Presto Stantest manufactures a wide range of textile testing instruments to test the quality of the fabrics. One of the best instruments which are provided by Presto to determine the quality of textiles is Martindale Abrasion cum Pilling Tester”. The device is used to perform chaffing in a highly controlled manner in different directions so that the effect of chaffing can be determined accurately with the instrument. With this tester, controlled amount of pressure can be applied on the textile specimens using different loads in different directions.  This test provides an idea to the users that how the fabric or a textile material would react when subjected to actual working conditions. Presto offers two models of Martindale abrasion tester i.e. Digital model and NXG model. The digital model is equipped with the digital panel which provides the results in digital format whereas the NXG model of the instrument offers the results in a computerized format.

How is Presto’s Martindale Abrasion Cum Pilling Tester different from others?

The Presto’s Martindale tester for textile products is designed as per various national and international standard test method that are provided by different reputed standardization authorities like ASTM, ISO and many more. The instrument is designed with four plates to place the test specimen. All these plates are mounted on the base plate of the machine. The device is also equipped with the revolving plate which revolves on the basis of the motor, cranks, and a peg. The device is equipped with an LED counter to load the station to view the test easily. The instrument offers highly accurate test results and helps to determine the quality of the fabrics.