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Ensure Best Seal Quality of Shrink Wraps with Heat Sealer

Thermoplastic films or stretch films or shrink films are widely used in packaging industry. They are called so as they have tendency to shrink when exposed to certain amount of heat. Many materials are used for shrink wraps like, PVC, polyethylene, polypropylene, etc. They are widely used for packaging of consumables like salads, sandwiches, cakes and many other ready to eat stuff. Thus it is very important that the packaging should pass certain tests which makes it fit to remain in direct contact with the consumable product. Shrink wrap also should be able to bear certain amount of temperature of the consumable if packed straight out from oven. There are different tests performed back to back to assure the quality of the packing which makes it fit for commercial or domestic use. The quality of the shrink wrap packaging films & thermoplastics, and other related materials can be judges proficiently with the help of Heat Sealer.

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Shrink wraps are used for the packaging of food items with secure seal. The packing should be able to bear certain amount of pressure and other environmental factors. As the material is highly resistant to water and moisture, it can also be used as secondary packing for certain items. When used in packaging, a good seal is very important. Creating a good seal can be done by giving best heating temperature and pressure, so that good bond can be formed. This type of packing is used in sachet, pouches, bundles, etc. heat sealer is used for this purpose but is the seal created strong enough? This can be tested using laboratory testing instruments like seal strength tester, vacuum leak test etc.

A heat sealer is the most important instrument in the flexible packaging industry. There are 2 types of laboratory heat sealer.

Laboratory heat sealer is the most convenient instrument used to create leak proof seals. Depending upon the industrial requirements, a heat sealer can be procured by knowing its dwell time and pressure applied on the substrates.

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Lab heat sealers can be of two types; one, which is used for sealing the flexible packings. Second, which is used for sleeve wrapping.

Sealing is done by two principles; One, where plastic is melt to the point that it forms a uniform bond to create the seal. Second, when there is sealant on one side of the material to be bonded together. The heat of the sealer activates the sealant to form the bond together.

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