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Al-Ain, the garden city of the gulf is famous for its greenery and nature lovers. It has been found that the city has strict rules about making a higher building. They don’t allow more than 4 floors. The city who are particular of so many things just to retain Mother Nature and its beauty must note that how precise is their rules. Application of accurate and higher technology testing instrument in Al-Ain can only be found with Presto Stantest. The world-renowned testing solution provider, Presto is constantly evolving in the manufacturing of testing instruments for a wide range of verticals. Industries like PET & preform, Paper, Packaging, Polymer etc. are getting benefitted with the advanced range of quality inspection machines. The testing instrument in Al-Ain can be attained at an economic price along with good services and 24 hours support.

Al-Ain Lab Testing instruments manufacturer and supplier, Presto serves their customer with providing utmost importance and personal visit of technical teams.

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