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Polariscope Strain Viewer in Thailand

PPS - 400

PET products are used in a significant number of applications to fulfill the requirements of -bottling and refilling drugs, liquids, food, and beverages, chemicals, consumable and non-consumable products. The PET products possess the great responsibility to ensure the safety of the packaging products that are packed with the products. The quality of the PET products is explained on the basis of the preforms. Therefore, the manufacturer of preforms & PET products must ensure that the Preforms they offer to their clients are free from any kind of defects. The defects that are found in the preform are a flash mark, air bubble, crystallization defects, short shot, photoelasticity and many more. Presto’s Polariscope for Strain Viewer in Thailand is used to analyze Preform under polarized light before initiating the process of blow molding. This helps the manufacturers to reject bad quality of products to save time, money and efforts.

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Polariscope Strain Viewer in Thailand is an extremely effective testing instrument which is provided by Presto and utilized by the manufacturers in PET manufacturing industries to identify any kind of quality defects in the preforms. The testing instrument has three sides open viewing field area that helps to place and observe the sample under polarized light. The defects that are usually missed in natural sources of light can be detected easily under monochromatic light and polarized light. The defects that are examined under polarized light can be studied easily with the help of Preform Defect Chart. The testing machine is provided with the user manual that helps to users to perform the test easily.

    • Preform defect chart is supplied with the instrument. (As optional accessory).
    • The size of viewing area is 260mm x 260mm
    • The overall dimension of the instrument is 445mm x 280mm.
    • It requires power supply of 220V/240V on single phase AC.
    • The approximate weight of the machine is 200kg.

    • Easy to operate.
    • Designed with two lights monochromatic light and white light.
    • The viewing area of the machine is open from three sides that ensure easy placement of sample.


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