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Instruments as per Tear Test

Instruments For Tear Test
A Tear test applies a strength to a material that contains partial or complete rupture hence known as “tear” so as to bring the material to complete failure. This is done by placing the sample into a tear tester so that the section on one side of the specimen is pulled up and the section on the other side is pull down.

Purpose of Tear Test:
The main motive of a tear test is to measure a product’s capability to oppose the growth of initial tear also known as tear resistance. The result in terms of value of a material tear resistance is usually accepted as the strength required to complete the tear so that it goes through the entire material so that it has been divided into two sections. This characteristic of checking tear resistance of a material is important for applications that use flexible materials.

Types of materials used for tear testing
A tear test is performed on flexible and elastic materials because these materials are more subjected to accidental punctures and fractures as well as partial defects like wear and tear. Some of the materials like polymers, elastomers, textiles, rubbers, fabrics, paper and  packaging products. Each of these products serves a wide range of industries like clothing, biomedical etc.

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Tear Resistance Testing

Tearing is a common property of failure of many materials like rubber, textile and paper. We also know that materials differ in their ability to tearing, some materials...

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