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Polariscope Strain Viewer in Saudi Arabia

PPS - 400

PET products are widely used in a variety of industries. The PET products such as jars, bottles, etc. have a great responsibility of providing the best level of safety to the products packaged inside them. The manufacturers  of the PET products must ensure that the PET products they provide to the clients are free from any sort of defects. One of the ways to ensure that the PET products are defect free is to test the quality of PET preforms that are used for blowing the PET products. The PET preforms have many defects induced them during manufacturing such as short shot, flash marks, air bubbles, crystallization defects, photoelasticity and so forth. The Polariscope Strain Viewer in Saudi Arabia is an efficient testing instrument offered by Presto that helps the PET manufacturers in ensuring the best quality of PET products manufactured by them. The instrument is capable of analyzing the quality of the preform right before they are blown. In this way, the manufacturers can easily discard the effective samples and save their precious time, money and resources. The device offered by Presto is easy to operate and provides highly accurate test analysis of the samples.

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The Polariscope Strain Viewer for Saudi Arabia is a premium quality testing instrument offered by Presto that is extensively utilized in PET manufacturing industries to detect any quality defects in the PET preforms. The instrument has three sides open viewing field which assist in easy placement and viewing of the sample under polarized light. The device is fitted with two light sources that are white light and monochromatic light. The defects that are missed by white light are detected by the monochromatic light. A detect preform chart is used for comparing the defects of the sample. The machine comes with a user manual and a conformance certificate.

    • A preform defect chart comes with the instrument as an optional accessory.
    • The field size of equipment for viewing of the sample is 260 X 260 mm.
    • The complete size of the equipment is 445 X 280 mm.
    • The power requirement of the device 220/240 volts singles phase AC.
    • The approximate weight of the device is 20 kilograms.

    • The machine is very easy to use.
    • The laboratory testing instrument is equipped with two different light sources that are white light and monochromatic light.
    • The three side open viewing area is best for easy placement and clear viewing of the test samples.

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