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Presto’s PH meter (LCD Display) is a basic bench with 2 points calibration. The instrument is manual temperature compensation and is appropriate for education applications. The accuracy of the device is 0.05pH.

Presto’s pH meter is an accurate instrument that evaluates the pH of chemicals and solutions. The device is recommended for the material testing in the paint and plating industry. The device complies with JIS and ASTM standards. The equipment has an automatic temperature compensation. The instrument is provided with a user manual along with the wiring diagram, and conformance certificate traceable to NABL approved labs.

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  • For PHS-25CW Model

    • The range is 0.00~14.00pH with accuracy ±0.05pH
    • The resolution is 0.01pH with 2 points calibration
    • The calibration solutions are USA (pH4.01/7.00/10.01) or NIST (pH4.01/6.86/9.18)
    • The temperature compensation is 0~100°C   with manual compensation mode

    For mV Model

    • The range is -1999~1999mV   with accuracy  ±10mV
    • The resolution is 1mV

    For other

    • The BNC connector is used
    • The power requirements are DC9V, using AC adapters, 220VAC/50Hz

    • The machine is easy to use and is equipped with a white backlit LCD display
    • There is two points push-button calibration with auto buffer recognition
    • There is an electrode slope display that helps to determine the if pH electrode requires replacement
    • The measurement accuracy of the meter is improved with manual temperature compensation.

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