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Supply Of Pp Film Is Tight In The Local Market In Egypt

The local plastic markets of Egypt have been experiencing a tight supply of Polypropylene. Due to some delays in delivery of the products to its customers, the local produce EPPC has not released its March prices. A representative from EPPC has reported that the prices for March and April are absent as the company is still struggling with delivery of orders placed in February due to some delay in documentation because of bureaucratic reasons.

A source from the company stated that the obstacles hindering their delivery process have been sorted out and now they are ready for taking orders for April, the prices and availability may differ from previous times as the producer does not hold much of the stock.

Apart from unavailability of products from EPCC, the prices for PP in Middle Eastern markets were also announced higher than normal due to limited supply of the product in the market which has further increased the tightness. Despite of stabilization of Egyptian pond, constantly increasing USD parity is another factor that has been affecting the plastics market. All these factors combined have created tightness in the market now. This has not only affected the plastic manufacturers and suppliers, but has also affected many plastic testing instruments suppliers and manufacturers as well.

News Source:- http://www.plasticsinfomart.com/locally-held-pp-film-supplies-tight-in-egypt/

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