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Common Annual Growth Rate Over 19% Registered By 3d Printing Market

As per the Hexa Research Inc., the 3 D printing market is estimated to register the compound annual growth rate which is over 19.3% from 2015 to 2020. Polymers, plastics, metals, wax, ceramics, etc. are used to build various types of products using 3D print technology. As polymers are the key material which is used in 3D printing, and it is expected to capture a big share 3D printing market. Printers associated with other materials are more expensive than the printing that are associated with thermoplastics and polymers. Hence, polymers are expected to control the 3D printing market over the prediction period. Additionally, plastic products which need to be customized helps to drive the growth of 3D printing of polymers. Hence, the manufacturers have switched to metals to use as a raw material. Metal is widely used in aerospace, dental industry, implants and others. Metals like titanium, chromium, cobalt, and aluminum are used in manufacturing industries to produce different types of products. The growing requirements for automotive, electronics goods and aerospace products enhance the demand for metal 3D printing.

3D Printing Market helps to create repeated products that require less time to reach the required market. The increase in the activities of research and development of new products is expected to enhance the 3D printing market over the prediction period. Moreover, an increase in the use of 3D prints in end-use production industries such as automotive and healthcare helps to develop different types of designs and patterns that will contribute to drive the market in the coming years. This will indicate that the traditional manufacturing method results in lead time generation that will definitely challenge the 3D printing market.

News Source:   http://www.plastemart.com/plastic-facts-information.asp?news_id=27583&news=3-D-Printing-market-expected-to-register-CAGR-of-over-19-till-decade-end

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